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Daily Reflections: Saturday March 20, 2021. 4th Week of Lent, Year 2 Violet

📖1st Reading: Jer.11:18-20

Responsorial Psalm: Ps.7 (R.v.1) Lord God, I take refuge in you.

Gospel Acclamation! Lk.8:15

Glory & praise to you..! Blessed are those who, with a noble & generous heart, take the word of God to themselves & yield a harvest through their perseverance. Glory & praise to you..!

📖Gospel Reading: Jn.7:40-52

Theme: It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from!


Even while acknowledging His prophetic personality, the people that listened to Jesus could not believe in Him because the Christ could not have come from Galilee.

For Scripture said He would be a descendant of David from the city of Bethlehem. Some would have arrested Him but no one laid hands on Him. Even the police could not & they fell apart with the Pharisees who sent them for the arrest.

While demanding the extent of His acceptability among the people, Nicodemus cautioned them that it would be against the law to arrest a man without first giving him a fair hearing. At this, he was accused of being a Galilean too.

Most often, people’s family background or place of origin serve as the yardstick for measuring their performances in whatever they do instead of their competence. Jesus happened to be a victim of this prejudiced assessment. His parenthood & place of birth were seriously questioned & denigrated!

My beloved brethren, in the race of life, what should really matter to us is to be the best of who we are. Our family background or place of origin shouldn’t be an issue at all. These are secondary because nobody made that choice for him/herself. So, let none of it deter us for any reason at all in pursuing our different chosen careers.

It is also our duty to stop the victimhood based on these prejudiced & discriminatory yardsticks. This would most certainly disable us from tapping from the best of other people’s resourcefulness. After all, we all are created in the image & likeness of God (cf. Gen.1:26).

Let us pray: Father of all creatures, we are your images, teach us to respect each other because we are all children of the same Father. Amen!

We pray for all those who face all forms of racial & discriminatory situations. May they never be downspirited but rather with the divine sustenance become the best in their aspirations. Amen!

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