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Daily Reflections: Tuesday March 30, 2021. Passion Week 2 (HOLY WEEK) Violet

1st Reading: Is.49:1-6

Responsorial Psalm: Ps.70 (R.v.15). My lips will tell of your help.


Glory & praise to you….!

Hail to you, our king! Obedient to the Father, you were led to your crucifixion as a meek lamb is led to the slaughter. Glory & praise to you….!

Gospel Reading: Jn.13:21-33.36-38

Theme: And Satan entered him!


The events of the Last Supper was played out in the Gospel Reading. With heart ladened with sorrow of death, Jesus announced that one of His allies would betray Him. All asked one after the other who it might be until Judas asked in his turn. Jesus said it was the one to whom he would give a piece of bread dipped into wine.

It was Judas who received it. At this point, Satan entered him. Jesus asked him to do what he had to do fast. He left & darkness had fallen. When Jesus mentioned that He would be deserted by all, Peter said he would lay down his life for Jesus. To this Jesus told him that he would have denied him three times at cock crow.

As it is that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks, by the same stroke, out of the abundance of the heart actions are perfected & executed. Judas really acted out of what he filled his heart with. His thoughts were evil & Satan found his way & entered him!

My beloved people of God, our hearts are like a garden where crops are grown. Whatever we grow in it is what we harvest. If we predispose our hearts to evil, Satan would always enter to perform his distasteful & dastard acts. Judas I think was a victim of self-destruction because of his malformed heart which was given to avarice & greed.

We must therefore beware of what we feed our hearts with because whatever we sow we would reap. Our enemy the devil is prowling round like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour (cf. 1Pt.5:8-9). So, if we sow in spirit we would reap fruits of the spirit, but if it is in the flesh, that is what we would surely reap (cf.Gal.6:8).

Let us pray: God our Saviour, form our hearts always to think & to do good. May we never be ensnared by the traps of the evil one. Amen!

We pray for all those who are tempted to give the devil opportunity to operate in their hearts. May they reject him & all his pumps & works. Amen!

Happy Holy Week!

Feel our hearts with noble thoughts, O Lord!

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