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Fr. David Okolie gives us a hint of what we can actually do in this Lenten season

You can do a whole lot of things during Lent. Most importantly you can drop NEGATIVE habits/addictions and pick up POSITIVE ones. This is how it works…

Photo of Rev. Fr. David Okoli a Catholic priest of Okigwe Diocese

Photo of Rev. Fr. David Okoli a Catholic priest of Okigwe Diocese

Lenten period is a long period of about 40 days and if you utilize it, you will certainly be surprised how you will overcome that particular negative habit/addiction that you have been struggling with.

It is not a magic but the fruit of GRACE. This is true because this is a season approved by the Church and in which the whole members of the Church journey together.

In the 2021 Lenten message, Pope Francis affirms: “Fasting involves being freed from all that weighs us down.” Indeed, negative habits/addictions weigh us down and make our lives of PRAYER and CHARITY STERILE. Hence, we need to FAST from them.

To overcome such habits/addictions within this Lenten period, just take a step at a time. Perhaps, you can simply begin with the simple acts that have no moral undertone and if you are able to make progress in such area(s), surely, you will finally drop that habit/addiction without much difficulty.

Now take for example, you like taking a soft drink after each meal, or that you like chewing gum or eating biscuits, licking sweets, ice creams very often, after you have taken your normal meal or that you like sleeping for a particular number of hours every night.

All the above do not really have moral undertone but if you can possibly regulate them, you will surely gain the inner strength to say NO to habits/addictions that have moral implications like: Alcohol abuse, gambling, fornication/adultery/homosexual acts, masturbation, pornography, stealing, etc.

Failure to utilize this season in getting off the yokes of negative habits/addictions amounts to a continuation of one’s MISERY. The Catechism affirms the above thus: “… either man governs his passions and finds peace, or he lets himself be dominated by them and becomes unhappy…” (CCC, n. 2339).

I wish you a successful Lenten journey!

– Rev. Fr. David Okolie

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