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Fr. David Okolie on the perpetuation of God’s mercy

Welcome to this Sunday’s Catechesis; designed to help us get on well with the basics of our faith as Catholics.

With the concrete manifestation of God’s MERCY for the sinful humankind on the Cross, it still pleases our Lord Jesus Christ to PERPETUATE this his act of Mercy through the institution of the Sacrament of CONFESSION.

Thus, this Sacrament, in the truest sense of it, is the Seat of God’s Mercy among his people. Corroborating the above, the Catechism affirms: “Christ has willed that in her prayer and life and action his whole Church should be the sign and instrument of the forgiveness and reconciliation that he acquired for us at the price of his blood.

But he entrusted the exercise of the power of absolution to the apostolic ministry which he charged with the “ministry of reconciliation” (CCC, n. 1442).

Since our Lord Jesus Christ wills that we be always reconciled to God through the Sacrament of Confession, why then do some Catholics stay away from this Sacrament for a very long time? Could it be that some do not really understand the Power and Depth of this Sacrament?

Well, if you are still in doubt about this Sacrament, just listen to the teaching of the Church thus: “There is no offense, however serious, that the Church cannot forgive.

“There is no one, however wicked and guilty, who may not confidently hope for forgiveness, provided his repentance is honest. Christ who died for all men desires that in his Church the gates of forgiveness should ALWAYS be open to anyone who turns away from sin” (CCC, n. 982).

In case you do not know, all the saints we celebrate today frequented the Sacrament of Confession when they were alive. You can also make your research on that.

We pray the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Refuge of Sinners, to always support us with her powerful intercessions. Amen.
Happy Easter and remain blessed!

READINGS: R1 Acts 4:32-35, R2 1 Jn 5:1-7, Gosp. Jn 20:19-31)

– Rev. Fr. David Okolie

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