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Fr. David Okolie’s thought provoking reflection on Christians and the use of social media

Just recently I encountered a very pious Christian and during our interaction, he boldly told me that he has no need of the social media.

Photo of Rev. Fr. David Okoli a Catholic priest of Okigwe Diocese

Photo of Rev. Fr. David Okoli a Catholic priest of Okigwe Diocese

I tried to know his reasons but he simply told me that they are of no use to him (perhaps, they are worldly, the devil’s invention for leading souls to hell fire, etc). Therefore, I decided to put up these few lines in favour of the social media.

Primarily, the social media and indeed, the whole of the internet world belong to God; hence, the Psalmist affirms: “The world and all that is in it belong to the Lord…” (Ps 24:1). God who is the owner of the world and all therein (including the internet world) has bequeathed it to Christians as their evangelization territory when he said: “Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to all people…” (Mk 16:15f).

Consequently, the devil and his agents who are still within the internet world are trespassing and must be reminded of that by the influx of many ACTIVE Christians in this new world of internet and social media.

Do you not know that there are a lot of erroneous and immoral teachings on the social media? We can’t continue to fold our hands and watch the devil and his agents destroy the world through the internet. God forbid!

Pope St. Paul VI understood the above clearly and so encouraged Christians to take hold what is rightly theirs and maximize it for the spread of the gospel.

Hence, he affirms: “We will feel guilty before Jesus Christ if we fail to utilize the media for the good of the gospel and humanity” (Cf. Evangelii Nuntiandi, no. 45).

The Pontifical Council for Social Communications corroborates the above thus: “People in leadership positions in all sectors of the Church need to understand the media…Where necessary; they should receive media education themselves…” (Cf. The Church and Internet, no. 11).

In fact, this period of COVID -19 pandemic lends credence to this post. It is obvious that within this period, the world’s stage (i.e the internet world) is left only for those who have gained the mastery of the use of these media, while those who are yet to grasp the knowledge of the use are forced to sit aimlessly at home.

Again, the modern media helps the message of Christ reach very fast to the ends of the earth. Just a click on a botton, millions of persons all over the world get the message. Thanks be to God for this innovation!

As a TRUE CHILD OF GOD, what is keeping you then from storming the internet world and using it ACTIVELY to better our decaying world? Remember that as a true PIOUS Christian, you have an obligation from the Lord to learn the use of these media for the evangelization of the internet world.

You also have the obligation to ensure that those placed under your charge acquire the knowledge of the use of these media. Please, my fellow Christians, let us maximize the use of these modern media for the benefit of the Gospel message, of which we are all called to be its WITNESSES.

Remain blessed!

My great testimony is that I later convinced that my pious friend and today he is ACTIVELY using the social media for the good of the Gospel message

PLEASE, feel free to share and also try and convince someone to have a social media account.

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