President Buhari finally lifts four months ban on twitter

President Muhammadu Buhari announced the conditional lifting of the Ban on Twitter, during his October 1, Independence Day Speech to Nigerians. Recall that on 5 June 2021, the Federal Government placed a ban on the microblogging platform. According to the Federal Government, Twitter was being used for illegal activities, the social media platform, was also accused of spreading misinformation, and fake news across the country.

The microblogging platform also deleted a controversial tweet of President Muhammadu Buhari addressing, the problem in the Southeast region of the country. In the tweet, Mr. President warned the region about the insurgency by IPOB and made mention of 1966 Nigerian Civil also known as the Biafran war. Since the ban on Twitter, there have been many controversies, especially with Nigerians, bypassing the ban to go on to use the platform.

The Minister of information and Culture, Lia Mohammed, and Twitter management have had several meetings to look at how the ban can be lifted. President Muhammadu Buhari in his speech noted that recent activities have revealed that Twitter isn’t just a platform, but a means of disseminating information in the country. President Buhari said despite the good aspect of the platform, some people use Twitter to organize, coordinate, execute criminal activities, propagate fake news, and also promote religious and ethnic sentiments.

President Buhari noted that in the several meetings the management of Twitter has had with the appropriate authority in Nigeria, key issues have been addressed by both parties. The key issues addressed have been highlighted below:

1: National Security and Cohesion.

2: Registration, Physical Presence, and Representation.

3: Fair Tax.

4: Local Content.

5: Dispute Resolution.

President Muhammadu Buhari lifted the ban with conditions he issued to the microblogging platform. There are three things to note as Twitter will officially start operating again in Nigeria. The first thing is that President Buhari who highlighted the importance of Twitter asked that the platform, should be used for business purposes. Recall that after the ban of Twitter it was realized that both Nigeria and Twitter, lost lots of money. It goes to show that Twitter promotes businesses.

Secondly, President Buhari asked that Nigerians should use the platform for positive engagement. There has to be a responsible use of the microblogging platform. People should desist from using the platform as an avenue to target the government, and also give misleading information and fake news.

Lastly, President Buhari said as a country, Nigeria is committed to ensuring, digital companies use their platform, to enhance the lives of citizens. He also encouraged digital companies to respect the sovereignty of Nigeria, cultural values and promote online safety. The conditions President Buhari gave to the platform, are good because they will help control the activities of Twitter.

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