Raphael Adindu: kill them and you will be fine and progressive

Raphael Adindu

Raphael Adindu

At that time you begin to realize that each one has his or her own kingdom to rule or for that matter his or her own specialty; which at any moment you start doing it, you don’t struggle, it is just there and it shows evidently when you begin to do it; that’s when your innate jealousy button starts getting its destruction and a life of simplicity decorated with principles will follow.

Thus, if you don’t know how to do “this”, you will sure know how to do “that”, there is one or two or three things/aspects you are a king or queen in; perhaps you may also need consistent and more development in those areas.

At least recommend and celebrate someone who can do that which you can’t really do well; that’s really growth, selflessness and honour to your personality. If you have not grown to that level, you have not grown yet.

Also, the moment you understand you have no competitor anywhere except yourself; the more inward peace you experience, better you, you see, heights you attain not minding the talks of people, jealousy also will be eschewed, appreciation of others will increase, learning from others will be easy which cuts down your ego and makes you more humble and your life will be unimaginably progressive because you will be living one day at a time.

Check your heartbeat, see what you need to kill and be fine.
God’s blessings!

Raphael U. Adindu


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