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Rev. Fr. David Okolie shares innovative ways we can always pray

Some persons complain of their prayers not being answered. But Jesus Christ himself said: “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened to you…” (Mt 7:7ff). My question to such persons is: “How do you pray?”

Photo of Rev. Fr. David Okoli a Catholic priest of Okigwe Diocese

Photo of Rev. Fr. David Okoli a Catholic priest of Okigwe Diocese

When you pray, do you take into consideration these two things:

1. What you are asking for, will such thing enhance the love of God and neighbour?

2. Do you take your lifestyle into consideration; are you into some habits that clearly offends God and you are not yet ready to come out from that?

If, either what you are asking for will not enhance the love of God and neighbour and that your lifestyle offends God, how then do you expect answers to your prayers?

This idea of saying shallow words in the name of asking for forgiveness during prayer sessions before then presenting a long list of what you want God to do for you is not enough. There must be a sincere rejection of sinful lifestyles.

Now let us be practical over the above two points:

If you are a father and has two sons. One of the sons is very obedient to you and shows sincere love towards you. The other is disobedient and sometimes even uses abusive words on you. If the both of them should ask for a favour from you, which of them is likely to receive that from you immediately?

Again, when your child that is in nursery school but very obedient to you asks you to buy a car for him and you decide to buy a beautiful toy for him. Have you not bought something for him; even though not what he asked because what he asked is of no use to him at that stage? On the other hand, if he asks you to buy a biscuit for him, will you not immediately do that for him, at least on the account that he is quite obedient?

Please, do not forget that: “Righteousness exalts people, but sin is a disgrace to any person” (Cf. Proverbs 14:34).

Just apply the above formulae today and testify that God is always ready to answer prayers.

Have a blessed day!

– Rev. Fr. David Okolie

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